How to find the Best Wholesale Clothes Supplier

How to find the Best Wholesale Clothes Supplier

It might be quite overwhelming to open your personal clothing stores. Setting up your website if you will operate the ecommerce store or getting the physical location could all prove stressful. However in a bid to lessen the burden, we have compiled some tips with which you can access the best wholesale cloth suppliers.

1. Get in Touch With the Manufacturer

It is a brilliant idea to start at the source. Depending on the minimum order, the manufacturer might be the best choice if you want to get cloths from a wholesale cloth supplier.

On the other hand, if they sell strictly through the laid down distribution channel, ask for their distributor list. Commencing your search at the source, you can be assured of reputable wholesale cloth distributors and reasonable price as well.

2. Be Professional in Your First Contact

On getting the distributor list from the manufacturer, take the pain and get in touch with each individually. What you should watch out for are the wholesale unit process and the minimum order requirements. Also, in contacting them, put your best feet forward – be professional and let your email be straight to the point.

3. Conduct Google Search

Having a Google search with keywords such as “cloths distributor” or “wholesale cloths’’ could also point you in the right direction. In making Google search attempt various brands and cloth manufacturer’s name. Peruse each result and get the whole sale account or contact details. This can give you a direct link to wholesale cloths distributors

4. Consider Wholesale Lots on eBay

Majorly, eBay targets retailers only; you might be able to get wholesale cloths in very low quantity. This is recommended if you are out of option as small wholesale cloth sellers could also be available on eBay.

5. Attend a trade Show

One of the easiest and most powerful way to build and grow your network is via a trade show. These events bring together all forms of retailers giving them the ability to meet distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers of cloths. Meeting directly with these middlemen will give you first class information.

To get information about cloth or fashion trade shows, a visit to will be helpful. It shows upcoming tradeshows by date, state, country and location.

6. Join Industry Forums and professional Platform

This might take some effort on your part. This is because most retailers are not so keen on giving out their supplier information. Thus, in order to be able to join correct fashion groups that might open you up to wholesale cloth distributors, you will have to network effectively.

This can be done by building the relationship from the inside. The cloth manufacturing company is a good way to start this. Also, join online forums and blogs. Make your LinkedIn profile solid and establish connections with leaders in the fashion field. Also, subscribe to fashion industry newsletter and gradually build your professional network.

Getting in touch with wholesale cloth supplier could be a hard work. We have however simplified the job for you. With the above tips, you can get access to reliable wholesale cloth supplier for your business.